Our ERP Training

We are only as good as our employees. With this in mind, ERP Associates invests in a structured and supportive training process to enable our ERP recruitment consultants to achieve.

New Junior Consultants spend their first three days in group training and then receive daily 1-on-1 training for another two months. The sessions are taught by a dedicated Training Manager and are a mix of theory and roleplay – covering over 30 recruitment-focused subjects, like headhunting, business development and closing.

Supported by your Team Leader, Sales Manager and other colleagues, you perform your desk job alongside your training. This encourages natural learning, cementing the skills taught within the first couple days. Following the induction period, Team Leaders and Sales Managers communicate directly with the Training Manager to provide feedback on your progress and tailor training to according to your weaknesses. With this support, trainees typically make their first placement within 3 months.

The Training manager provides support throughout your career, whether to prepare for management, senior consultancy or just to improve overall performance. We provide training materials (15+ hours of DVD/Audio training and several workbooks) and organise fortnightly company training led by senior members and external experts to improve ERP Associates collectively.

In the IT world, technical training is critical to the success of an organisation, but this is also true for recruitment companies that wish to succeed in a technical market. To ensure that our consultants are kept up to date, we arrange technical sessions on the latest technology tools, software environments and language iterations. This knowledge is primarily shared through Skype conferences with candidates and open question and answer sessions with Sales Manager and senior team members.

ERP Recruitment – Career Paths

ERP Associates offers two main progression routes, the decision which path to follow rests solely with our employees and is largely determined by personal motivation.

Recruitment consultants who are driven by financial rewards and show a natural affinity for understanding the needs of their clients generally remain in consultancy, moving into the Senior Consultant and Principal Consultant role over the course of 5 years. Principal Consultants receive one of the highest base salaries in the company (even without commission) and benefit from less working hours, more holiday and greater professional freedom, but there is also more pressure to achieve.

The other route is managerial, consultants who excel in leading and motivating others usually move into management. The first step into the Team Leader role involves taking charge of 5-6 consultants and is obtainable within one year of joining as a Junior Consultant. A Team Leader continues to be eligible for uncapped earnings while gaining management experience but needs to balance team management duties with candidate placements. Despite this new responsibility, the ERP Associates culture leans towards an informal management style, where the Team Leader acts more as a guide to ensure the team stays focused. Those who continue to show a talent for people management move into senior management and take on part responsibility of the day-to-day running of the company. They contribute to important business decisions that have a direct impact on the future of ERP Associates.

The Sales Manager one of the final steps down the managerial route and entails running a division of 18-20 consultants and acting as a port of call in the absence of the Managing Director. They get involved in all of the deals, lead coaching, arrange KPIs, set targets and conduct disciplinaries. They also hire and dismiss employees as needed.

Neither the Principal Consultant or Sales Manager route are binding, those who exhibit the necessary skills can arrange to switch their focus. We are also constantly on the lookout for employees with other talents in areas like internal training, operations, marketing and other back-office roles.

Accelerated Career Development

The positive impact of our training is clear in the rapid progression of our consultants and over the next couple of years we are looking to appoint another 6-7 Team Leaders and 1-2 senior management members from within the company. Our continued growth means there is room for accelerated career development. For example, our most senior Sales Manager began their career as a trainee consultant and became ERP Associates’ second-most senior manager within three years.

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